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The Garneau F-16 bike offers a few more features for the rider than its little brothers and comes in two colors. Just like the F-12 and the F-14, the F-16 has a high-tensile steel frame, single speed, and training wheels that can be removed if needed.

In addition to its siblings, the F-16 has both a coaster brake that engages by pressing the pedals backwards, as well as an additional hand brake
that starts to prepare your rider for the next level. Using hand brakes to stop will be a whole new skill for your little rider to learn, but having the coaster brake there for backup is always a great
option to have. Highly durable and very low maintenance, the F-16 is a great bike for the kid in your life. Kids’ bike sizes are based on the child’s height, and 16″ bikes are typically for kids between the ages of 3-7 or 38″-48″ tall.

Due to a global bike boom and parts shortage, bicycles will be available in limited quantities for an undetermined period of time. (Garneau)

*See Additional Information below for coming inventory.

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Dinosaur Red, Space Blue