Fluid VLT A2 (2023) *M & L In stock


The Fluid VLT A2 is an aluminum electric Trail bike designed and proven in the backwoods of British Columbia with a boost to ride faster and go further. It brings you more of the trails you love in the time you have.

With 140mm of suspension travel up front and 130mm out back, it’s the best way to fit in an extra trail lap before sundown or finally discovering what’s over the next hill.

This bike must be purchased with a battery.

Bike: $4,399.00  (*In stock)

540W battery: $ 1,149.00

720W battery: $ 1,399.00  (*In stock)

900W battery: $1,699.00


Get extra Trail time and have more fun on every ride.

Shimano’s EP8 drive system combines high torque electric assist with removable in-tube batteries. (sold separately)


  • Lightweight and durable hydroformed aluminum with style.
  • Best-in-class Shimano STEPS EP8 Drive System.
  • Custom select your own battery capacity.
  • Removable battery for easy charging and one-tool swaps.
  • Features the Ride Aligned™ Design System.
  • Robust components for performance and durability.
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